Join Us For the Following Weekly Events:

Corporate Celebration Worship
Sunday 10:00am
-Cahokia Campus
 2348 Jerome Lane
 Cahokia, IL 62206


Deeper Life Courses
Wednesday 7pm
-Family Multiplex Center
 1825 Jerome Lane
 Cahokia, IL 62206


Corpoate Worship

There is a call upon each of our lives and each call is different. The Corporate Worship vision is to equip each area of ministry with the tools, strategies and training that is needed to serve in their area of ministry. Corporate Worship strives to create a welcoming atmosphere through hospitality, songs, greetings and prayer. We want everyone who visits P.O.C. to have an experience they will never forget and to feel welcomed from the time they enter the parking lot until the end of service. Corporate Worship sets the tone for service and each area of ministry work together with the next ministry to accomplish this. We are here to serve the members, visitors, the saved and the un-saved, we serve the whole body of Christ.

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