Dominion Shift

by Bishop Henry Phillips on January 05, 2021

21 Days of Fasting and Consecration
Welcome to Power of Change Christian Church’s 2021 Consecration. During this time, we take special time to dedicate ourselves to God through special times of prayer, fasting and personal devotional time. In this booklet you will find information about fasting… why we fast, instructions while fasting and options for fasting. We are excited that you are joining us as we seek to make an impact for God’s Kingdom in 2021.

Scripture: Acts 1:8 Amp
But you will receive power and ability when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you will be My witnesses[to tell people about Me]both in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and Samaria, and even to the ends of the earth.”
It is time for the church of the Lord to move in Kingdom power that the works of darkness can be stop and the light of God’s kingdom can bring men back to a life of righteousness, victory and blessings. The church is God’s agent to bring healing, deliverance and wholeness to mankind, this is why it is important that we understand our spiritual and covenant authority in the earth. Through spiritual authority we are able through worship, the study of the word and the power of prayer tare down every system that causes men to live in the bondages of the enemy and in covenant authority we are empowered to demonstration the love of Christ through social and humanitarian works.
Let’s prepare our lives to be vessels that God can release a dominion shift in 2021!

Fasting is a spiritual tool God uses to advance His Kingdom, change the destiny of nations, spark revival, and bring victory in people’s lives. It is more than just a denial of food and worldly pleasures—but the preparation of your thoughts, will and mind to discover, develop, and demonstrate your destiny! Fasting also provokes us to greater obedience and sensitivity toward God.

Fasting EMPOWERS us with God’s favor, wisdom, and direction
Fasting ENABLES us to enter a higher fellowship with Him.
Fasting SYMBOLIZES the re-dedication and purification of our hearts and souls toward God.
Fasting REMOVES carnality and self-centeredness from freely operating in our lives.
Fasting BREAKS the power of darkness that attempts to influence and control our lives.
Fasting ALLOWS God to increase His power within us for a greater work.
Fasting RE-DIRECTS our focus so that we may be in sync with God’s timing and seasons of blessings for our lives.

Fasting is done unto the Lord.
“But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face,”

Matthew 6:17

1.  Anoint your head with oil daily
2.  Choose a fast in accordance with your measure of faith and grace

3.  Abstain from social pleasures and recreational activities such as playing sports, skating, attending movies, or viewing television programs that arouse anger or intimate emotions. Isaiah 58:13-14
4.  Abstain from excessive joking and guard yourself from conversations that lead to gossip, strife, or debate. All conversations should give way to wholesome spiritual edification.
James 3:10-12
5.  Daily devotional readings: PSALMS 119. Other necessary books and literature are permissible, but they should not take precedence over daily meditation on God’s Word.
6.  Married couples should refrain from intimate fellowship during this fast. In situations regarding an unsaved spouse, this understanding should be communicated so that a mutual agreement may be reached.1 Cor. 7:3-5, Exo.19:15
*In order for sexual activity to be interrupted three conditions are necessary: 1) mutual consent, 2) a limited time, and 3) spiritual, not selfish, reasons. (Commentary from Spirit Filled connect bible)
7.Everyone should connect with a spiritual prayer partner.
8. Youth ages 12 & up should also conduct themselves in accordance with these instructions. For instance, they can use this time of consecration to watch necessary or Bible based movies. Jonah 3:5

SPECIAL NOTE: We adopt the wisdom of the use of liquids to serve as a replenishing agent for the body, regardless of the period of time in which you will be fasting. (This includes the sustenance such as water, fruit/vegetable juice, broth, or milkshakes.)

Fasting provides spiritual empowerment and helps our bodies eliminate toxins built up in our bodies that cause illness and disease. The following are ten tips that will be helpful during our time of consecration:
1.Headaches, bad breath, and run-down feelings are signs that the fast is working. During a time of fasting the body purifies itself, feeding off of impurities and pollutants in the body. After approximately three days the headaches begin to cease and after approximately five days hunger also stops.
2.Fasting will not impair your health. On the contrary, fasting throughout history has been a prescribed method for healing.
3.Fasting will increase your faith. The same member with which you speak the word of faith is the same member with which you eat. That is the mouth (Romans 10:8-10). Faith must be released out of the mouth. Fasting and faith are first cousins. They are related. The tongue speaks faith and eats food. Some unbelief cannot be broken without fasting. Each day that you fast, your faith is increased.
4.Drink plenty of fluids. Bottled mineral water should be taken in large quantities, before and during the fast. This will help flush poisons and impurities out of your system. Approximately one gallon a day should be use in the cleansing process.
5.Fasting is content intercession before God. When you fast, you may become weak and may not feel like praying. Intercessory prayer is not only a spiritual process, but a physical process. But fasting is constant prayer.

6.Fasting strengthens your inner will. Fasting increases your will power. Fasting is much more mental than physical. makes a person tougher and stronger on the inside. Set your faith and don’t waiver in what you are asking God for. (James 1:6-7)
7.Focus on the Word of God. When Jesus fasted, He was tempted by the devil, but in every case, He used the Word of God to overcome. When you become hungry, if you will read from the Word of God, you will be satisfied of physical hunger.
8.Your prayers need to be specific. I encourage you to write down your greatest needs and pray specifically over each need during this time of fasting. As God impresses you with direction and guidance, jot down what God speaks.
9.The victory often comes after the fast is over. When Jesus fasted, He was tempted by the devil. The power of the Holy Spirit came upon Christ after the fast. (Luke 4:14).
10.Wisdom should be used in breaking the fast. There have been reported cases where people have fasted for long periods of time and have broken their fast with meat and other foods hard to digest. This lack of wisdom has cost some people their lives. I suggest that you not eat meat and other hard to digest foods the first few days after a fast. Eat foods which are very easy to digest.

Then Joshua said to the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”Joshua3:5
Pray Daily:
—Spend time reading the Bible.

Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in your prayers.

Write down your faith goals and specific prayer requests for your family, friends, church, and nation.
Commit to Fasting:
—Pray about the kind of fast you will undertake and commit to it ahead of time.

Ask God for grace to help you follow through with your decisions.
Activate Your Plan:
—Start eating smaller portions a few days before the fast.

Avoid food high in sugar and fat.

Plan to limit physical and social activities for the week of the fast.

Ask someone to be your prayer partner throughout the fast
Consult a physician, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication. If your situation does not allow you to do a full fast, determine what will work best for you.

We decree that POCCC is divinely aligned with the Will/Purpose of the God and is divinely positioned for the advancement of the Kingdom of God: every part of the Body is fitly joined together.
We decree that Bishop Henry and Pastor Patricia Phillips are consecrated and empowered to lead POCCC into a new era of ministry expansion and spiritual growth. We decree that the spirit of the LORD rests upon them: the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of divine counsel and supernatural might, the spirit of knowledge and the utmost fear of the LORD is upon them to carry out the plan of the Lord.
We decree that our Elders, Ministers, Deacons, Leaders, Workers, Congregation, Youth and Children have a fresh hunger and a fresh thirst for God and are moving forward with the accuracy of His will.
We decree that the community, county, state and nation are open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ; souls are being saved, healed and delivered and disciple. God is adding to the church daily.
We decree that the Glory of the Lord has risen upon us and we are rising in authority, dominion and demonstration of the power of God. The Anointing of God is upon us to do the work of the ministry with Kingdom results; we are vehicles of change.
We decree that we are a strategic praying church, led by Holy Spirit. We walk in Kingdom dominion and authority.
We decree that personal victories are breaking forth in our spiritual lives, our families, our careers and our ministry. Our hearts are renewed, our lives are free from every distraction that hinders us from walking in the perfect will of God, and the blessings of the Lord are attracted to us.

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